Gov't Virus Attacks to prevent my work-IN WAKE OF NWA AIRLINE PROFILING ATTACK

Thursday, October 12, 2006

***blogger this medium is not to be removed- international exposure of our plight is imminent and main stream media contact has been made and secured -any removal will result in mention of actions by blogger as such in world forum mainstream media- message to your forum was accidental. thank you.)
FBI TARGETTING VIRUSES SENT ON LINE TO STOP MY WORK IN EXPOSING THEM: (in addition to sending cyber threats, sabotaging legal mail, tapping my phone line, sending FBI to my home...more details at main web site.


FBI/CIA Sends Viruses To Try and Stop My Exposure of Them.

FBI have just been all over the news recently caught doing illegal spy work up in Canada (where I reside). They have been exposed.(click HERE)

These Are Scanned In Printouts Of Multiple Virus Attacks Made On my Station As I Completed these works which I have had signed and dated. I have had to move from station to station use encryption and other methods just to continue doing my work in the face of this illegal sabotage. They didn't want the truth coming out but they can no longer hide from this truth.

***Other associates and friends of mine have reported virus sabotage of their systems, passwords changed, accounts shut down, invisible answering system phone messages all erased and one even a threatening phone message left on his answering machine.


***Directory Map Guide For This Presentation:NWA Profiling Attack On Family and I / Gov’t Persecution Illegal Threats/Corruption/ Intimidation Exposed


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